Zymurgorium Strawberry Mint Gin Liqueur


The Zymurgorium. Independent handcrafted small-batch spirits.

The Zymurgorium create using nature & science combined to push the limits of drink experience.

They base all their products on uncompromising quality. The Zymurgorium, was born from utter boredom of bland tasteless industrial drinks. Say no to corporate mainstream and enjoy an essence of irreverent panache and adventure!

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Strawberries and mint are a perfect combination and have been put together since even Roman times!

With no less than 50% pressed strawberry juice per bottle this full flavour is then balanced by a touch of variety of different types of mints, giving a wonderful lifting taste.

A great liqueur to add to your tonic or champagne glass!

Try using alongside your desserts such as ice cream and trifle.


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